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I know what it’s like to wear all the hats in your business. I know what it’s like to have so many plates spinning in the air that your typical day looks like the “Be Our Guest” scene from Beauty & the Beast, only less fun. 

If you’re like me, you pour your heart and soul into your business. You give it your all creating products and services that are unique to you, offering a value to your customers they can’t get anywhere else.

Yet, when it comes to the words you’re using to market your business, something’s off.

When a potential customer visits your website, checks out your social media pages, or skims the newsletter you just dropped in their inbox, are you knocking their socks off?

Are you sharing your story with them, so that they come to know, like, and trust you?

Or, after scoping you out with the quickness (the average time most visitors spend on a site before moving on to something else is 15 seconds), are they walking away without a clear understanding of the unique value you have to offer?

Are you unsure of your brand voice or what you should be sharing with your customers? Are you clear on your messaging, but can’t find time in the day to craft compelling copy to share with your people? 

Out here on our own as business owners, entrepreneurs, makers, and creatives, it is freaking hard. How do you make your business stand out? How do you build a relationship with your customer base so that they remember you when it’s time to make that purchase?

That’s where I come in. I get to know your personal style and brand voice, I work with your business goals, and I create copy that helps you stand out.

From website copy that tells your story, to product descriptions that let your reader know what’s in it for them, to marketing emails that keep you top-of-mind with your customers, and everything in between, I can help.

Here’s the part where most writers tell you where they specialize. Me? I specialize in stories.

Specifically, I want to tell your story.

As entrepreneurs, we feel responsible for every last detail of our businesses. I get it. But I’m also here to tell you that you don’t have to do it all. Let me tell your story in a way that has your customers clamoring for more of what you have to offer. 

Peace of mind

Imagine if you didn’t have to waste time wondering whether you were sending out the right message at the right time and in the right way to your customer. Imagine if all the words for your next product launch or ad campaign were already written. Imagine if you were automatically popping into your customers’ inboxes on the regular with useful, engaging content that brought them back to your product or service again and again.

What would that kind of freedom look like in your life? What could you do with the extra time and energy you would have?

What Switch Your Story can do for you:

What you won't get from me:

If you choose to work with me, I’m not going to hand you some prefab, plug-and-play marketing copy that will fit any random business. You will receive a crafted message that fits your brand, speaks to your specific thing, and is targeted to your ideal customer. Because that’s how I roll.

My services are completely customizable based on your needs, expectations, budget, and timeline. Contact me to request a consultation, and let’s evaluate your needs together.

Services I offer:

Don’t see your project listed here? That’s okay, I can probably do it anyway. Contact me to request a free consultation.

My rates

Every client gets an individualized service from me, so rates will vary from project to project. But slip on your snapback because I’m about to drop some ballpark figures:

  • Your consultation and up to two revisions are always free.
  • Projects start as low as $25.*
  • E-newsletters – Get two bi-monthly newsletters designed to build relationships with your readers. Starting at $75.
  • Website copy – Set it and forget it with website copy that tells your story and gets your readers raving. Starting at $200 for 3 pages.
  • Blog posts – Original content crafted for your website that informs and converts readers into customers. Starting at $75 for 1,000 words.
  • Editing – All types starting at $25/1,000 words.                

* Looking for extra commitment from me? I offer bundles and subscriptions at reduced rates.

Why get your words from me?

  • Owner of Switch Your Story freelance writing service since 2018
  • Writer/editor for Study.com
  • Freelance contributor for Constant-Content
  • Graduated with a B.A. from Indiana University in 2017
  • I love dogs. Not necessarily relevant to copywriting, but do you really want to hire someone who doesn’t love dogs? You don’t need that type of negativity in your life.
  • In short, you need a word nerd in your corner. I am that nerd.

You can learn more about my story here. 

Ready to get started?


• Can I get a free estimate?

Yep! You’ll receive an estimate following the consultation, which is free. I need the information from the consultation in order to create an accurate estimate for you.

• What happens during a consultation?

The consultation is an opportunity for both of us to have our questions answered without committing to anything. We’ll discuss your needs and expectations, establish a timeline, identify your ideal customer and project goals, and yes, get into that budget stuff. After the consultation, I’ll send you a client agreement wherein I’ll lay out all the terms we talked about, along with my policies. If you’re feeling it, you return the signed agreement to me, and I get started knocking out the word gems. If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, we go our separate ways, knowing that the real gift is the friendship we made along the way.

• What happens if I hate what you write?

You get two f-r-e-e revisions on every project I complete for you, so the likelihood of you hating every last word is slim. But unhappy clients are no fun for anyone, so I will work with you to get super clear on your needs & do my best to deliver words you love. Worst case scenario, if we decide that it isn’t working despite our best efforts, I’ll keep the rights to the work I produced, and you’ll keep your money. No harm, no foul.

• Can’t you just tell me how to do/write XYZ myself?

Maybe! I hope to one day have templates for DIY-leaning entrepreneurs, but I’m not quite there yet. However, if you are looking for a certain type of template and are willing to work with me to create something ideal for your needs, then I might just be able to deliver a product that’ll save you time and money in the long run.