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Survive Quarantine with this Spring Writing Challenge

spring writing challenge

It’s finally spring, one of my favorite times of year. It’s hard to feel excited about much right now, though. There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty floating around out there, and even my introverted self is starting to feel claustrophobic with all the closures, quarantines, and social distancing. Normally a quick hike in the woods would be enough to cheer me up, but it’s raining today, so no dice.    

Instead, I created a spring writing challenge to help you and your fellow quarantined housemates survive this bizarro universe we’ve collectively stumbled into. Whether you’re stuck at home alone with only your fur babies for company, like me, or you’re attempting to homeschool/domesticate a pack of wild small humans of your own creation, this spring writing challenge should be a good distraction and positive outlet for that pent up anxious energy.

These prompts include timely themes like spring, social distancing, and quarantine. However, they are not designed to make fear or anxiety worse. They are meant to distract and keep you in a positive headspace.

They can be completed in order or not. You can do one a day or a handful at a time. It’s mass chaos out there, my friend, so there are no rules!   

These prompts are appropriate for ages 9 to adult and would be perfect for a family writing contest!

If you use them, I’d love to hear about it. Please e-mail me at kilynn@switchyourstory.com or tag me @switchyourstory on Facebook to share your results!           

Spring writing challenge

1. Write a story that takes place in the world of the last TV show or movie you watched, the last game you played, or the last book you read.

2. Many people are staying home as much as possible right now and feeling a little cooped up. Write a story that takes place in one room.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now (and there was no virus), where would you go & what would you do?

4. Make a spring bucket list. Include activities you can do now that honor social distancing as well as activities you want to do when everything is open again.

5. Choose one of the activities from your spring bucket list and write a story about it.

6. Write a description of your day from the point of view of your pet.

7. Write a story that takes place during your favorite spring holiday.

kids writing prompts

8. Many museums, libraries, zoos, and other places are closed right now. Write a story about being stuck inside one of those places when no one else is there. What would you do?

9. Describe something you experience with each of your senses during spring: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

10. Take a walk around your neighborhood and pay special attention to anything that stands out. When you get home, write a story based on what you’ve seen.

11. Spring is a time of new beginnings and birth/rebirth. Write about an experience you had with a baby (human or animal), or a time you started something new.   

12. Write a story about an act of kindness.

13. Describe your favorite and least favorite thing about being home.

14. Write a story featuring something green.

15. Every day feels the same right now. Pick your favorite prompt so far and do it again.

16. Google the meaning of your name and write a story about how that does/doesn’t fit your personality.

17. Imagine you are spring cleaning and you find a wooden box hidden away in the attic/basement/garage. What’s inside it and what do you do with it?

18. Pick a fairy tale or myth (or a classic tale from literature, like Romeo & Juliet, Dracula, or Pride & Prejudice). Reimagine the story or create a sequel to it.

19. Do a Google image search for “landscape images.” Choose your favorite one and write a story that takes place there. (You can also go to Google Earth, click Launch, then click the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ die icon on the left sidebar to be taken to a random spot on the globe.)

20. “April showers bring May flowers.” Write a story about a rainy day or a storm.

21. April is national poetry month. Write a poem. Check out this glossary of different types of poems from the Academy of American Poets for ideas.

 I hope my spring writing challenge helps you get through this weird, weird time we’re all stuck in. Feel free to share this post to anyone you know in need a fun activity, and sign up for emails for more writing challenges from me in the future.

kids writing challenge
spring writing challenge

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