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Tell Me a Story: Recommendations from August

Y’all know I’m obsessed with stories, right? It’s pretty obvious. I mean, I drop pop culture references like it’s my job, I talk about heroes and villains all the time, and the name of my blog is about stories.

I even named my dog after my 3rd favorite short story writer. 

So yeah, stories are kind of my jam. I’m talkin’ movies, TV, fiction, nonfiction, myths, legends, folklore, all of it. If it tells a story? I. AM. THERE.

Since I’m a giant story nerd who loves to geek out about the titles I’m vibing with right now, I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing my story recommendations with you at the end of each month. 

These are my favorite stories that I’ve consumed over the last month. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas to add to your various queues and To Read lists.

Without further ado, here are my favorite narratives from August 2019:

My story recommendations from August - Books

If you’ve been hanging around the blog for a while, you already know Brené is my guru. I’ve spent most of 2019 doing some deep work on the internal issues that are holding me back, and she’s been with me every step of the way.

I’m slowly working my way through her books, and Daring Greatly was a wealth of information. In this book, Brené not only held up a mirror so that I could examine my own vulnerabilities, she also helped me soften my heart to the vulnerabilities of others. Not an easy task.

Bottom line: Even if you’re not suffering with vulnerability personally, someone close to you is, and this book will help you better understand them. Highly recommend, and you can get it here

I’ve already talked a bit about what this book did for me in this post. Ruth Soukup spent years studying what makes us afraid, and she learned that there are seven fear archetypes. In Do It Scared, she helps you identify which type of fear is holding you back. She also gives you tips for conquering your fear. 

This book is for anyone who ever feels afraid or anxious about going after the things they really want. Ruth’s examination of why we fear what we fear, and how to overcome it, was game changing for me.

Bottom line: Do It Scared is an easy read, yet it packs a huge punch. If you vibe on personal development, but don’t have a ton of time to invest, this is the book for you.  Get it here

I almost forgot what it felt like to completely lose myself in a good story until I picked up this story recommendation. I’ll Never Tell is a novel about five adult siblings who return to their family’s rural summer camp for the reading of their father’s will. Before they can inherit the property, the siblings must unravel what happened to Amanda, the camp counselor who was attacked 20 years ago. Oh yeah and did I mention? Their father was sure the attacker was one of them.

I’ll Never Tell was like The Haunting of Hill House meets Agatha Christie: the perfect blend of creepy family drama and twisty whodunit. I’m not ashamed to say I lost sleep on this one. I couldn’t put it down until I knew what happened, and there were turns I didn’t see coming. All I’ll say is that if I’m yelling at my Kindle? You know it’s a good read. 

Bottom line: I wish I could delete it from my brain & read it again for the first time. You can get it here.

Bonus Non-Book Story Recommendations

Talk about twisty, murdery family dramas (I swear I wasn’t trying to make it a theme). This 8-episode podcast was riveting from start to finish.

Designed as a “companion podcast” to TNT’s limited series, I Am the Night (starring Chris Pine), Root of Evil dives even deeper into the legacy of the Hodel family and how they may or may not be tied to the most famous unsolved murder in L.A. history: the Black Dahlia.

This podcast goes so much deeper than the Black Dahlia story I was already familiar with, and ends up going down some impossibly dark alleys. At times, it made my skin crawl and I wanted to turn it off, but I needed to know what happened next.

Bottom line: At only 8 episodes, if you like true crime, you cannot pass this up. Listen to it here

Speaking of murder (wow, it really did become a theme, huh?) this female-led British procedural crime drama is great for unwinding at the end of a long day.

The cases are just gripping enough to hold your interest, with enough family and relationship drama sprinkled in to keep you invested in the main characters. Speaking of which, it’s super refreshing to watch a cop show where the two main detectives, as well as their boss, are all badass ladies who support and encourage each other. Nice.

Bottom line: Scott & Bailey is perfect for those nights you want something decent on, but don’t want to have to pay too much attention, you know? 

P.S. I watched this one on Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, I’ve got a free 30 day trial with your name on it.  

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my story recommendations from August 2019.

I’m always looking for good story recommendations. Shoot me an e-mail (kilynn@switchyourstory.com) or tell me in the comments what you’re loving right now!

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