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The 5 Best Things to Buy in August

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With summer winding down (bye-bye for now, lake days), back-to-school behind us, and the holiday season fast approaching, now is the best chance you might have to finally catch your breath for a while. It’s also the perfect time to stock up on a few essentials for next year.

Every budget-savvy chick knows that the best time to buy for any particular season is when it’s at least ¾ of the way over. Translation: just because you won’t be able to use certain products until next summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t snatch them up for a song right now!

The best things to buy in August

So what are the best things to buy in August? I’ve put together a few of the best August deals available right now. While some things may be obvious (school supplies, anyone?), there might just be a few on this list you haven’t thought of.

Don’t sleep on these savings!

1. School supplies

best things to buy in august

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. With back to school season in the rear view, school supplies are bargain-basement right now. This is great for teachers, people who work from home, small business owners, or people who just nerd out on office supplies (admit it, you love a nice gel pen).

But some of the best things to buy in August are products you may not have thought of. We’ll call them school supply-adjacent. Things like laptops & tech accessories, lunchboxes & portable water bottles, backpacks, facial tissue and hand sanitizer, and kids’ clothes & shoes. Products geared toward college students will be going on sale toward the end of the month, so keep an eye out for bedding, small furniture pieces, closet organizers, and bathroom and kitchen accessories, too.

In fact, Amazon has an entire section devoted to “college essentials” (a.k.a. pretty much everything you could imagine) that’s already on sale for 30% off or more. 

2. Fresh produce

best things to buy in August

The months of August and September are huge for fresh produce harvesting. Look for deals on local fruits & veggies at grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Many types of produce can be kept in the freezer for months without losing flavor, and produce frozen at the peak of freshness is usually more nutritious than canned. If you haven’t frozen your own produce in the past, this is a fantastic guide for beginners that’s chock full of info. 

You can also use that fresh produce to make your own jellies, jams, sauces, or baked goods which you can also freeze, sell, or give away as gifts.

3. Summer clothes & swimwear

With cooler temps around the corner, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is what you’re going to wear next summer, but now is the perfect time to stock up on any items missing from your closet. Before you put away your summer wardrobe, take a quick inventory. Now is a great time to unload anything that no longer fits or is damaged, worn, or stained. Then, you can replace any staples you’re running short on. Sandals, swimwear, shorts, and summery tops and dresses are super cheap right now.

4. Sunscreen

best things to buy in august

Admit it, you don’t even think about sunscreen after Labor Day, do you? Yet any dermatologist will tell you that you should be wearing UV protection year-round. Wearing sunscreen not only lowers your skin cancer risk, it can also slow the rate at which your skin cells age. Sunscreen is so cheap right now, you can afford to stock up for this winter AND next summer. You can rest easy knowing you’re treating your skin right, and know that you’ll have one less thing to worry about buying next year.

5. Outdoor items

Okay, so here’s another pretty obvious one. With summer coming to an all too early end, pretty much anything associated with fun in the sun is on sale right now: like patio furniture, grills, pool floats and hammocks. And don’t forget to check your favorite  home décor stores – they’ll want to move the summer stuff out of the way, so things like wreaths, towels, candles, etc., that are summer-themed should be marked down.

And whatever you do, DON’T buy your fall clothes now. I know the cardigans and boots are cute; I’ve seen them too. But if you can hold off for even a month before you stock up, DO IT. Prices will start to drop in October and by black Friday, your fave stores will be practically giving those fall clothes away.

If you absolutely must go shopping for clothes now, look for consignment shops. They usually start taking fall clothes in August. (And hey, consider trading in some of your rarely worn pieces for some extra cash.)

I hope this list of the best things to buy in August is helpful for you, and you’re able to find a few sweet deals. Happy shopping!

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shopping advice | money saving
best things to buy in august

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